Real life isn’t about a quarterly review. It’s about financial quarterbacking every day.

IWP Family Office supports a distinct group of individuals and families from across the country and from varied backgrounds, including Entrepreneurs, Technology Pioneers, Real Estate and Financial Professionals, Athletes, and Industry Leaders. We all understand how to create, grow and build success. We also recognize that when the daily tangle is unwound, we are free to focus on the joys and aspirations of a life well lived.

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To us, “family office” is not an add on. It’s who we are.

IWP Family Office serves as the financial home base for our families, empowering and integrating all facets of their personal financial needs. We are privately owned and our single, fixed fee structure allows us to provide objective, unbiased wealth stewardship. Our clients’ combined net worth is over $1.5 billion, allowing for unique investment opportunities and institutional-level services. But because we represent only a select number of families we can be “on the ground” to smooth out the potential day-to-day complexities of a thriving, successful and dynamic life.

How We Work

We’re beside you for the ups and downs because life is not a spreadsheet.

We work with each family to sustain and grow their assets and legacy using an endowment-like approach, with a focus on the long view. The measured guidance we provide can have a powerful effect today—an effect that is multiplied as we help strengthen and influence the generational impact of a family’s success. We work diligently to build and maintain the appropriate structure, tools and support for every client’s uniquely evolving financial universe. To us, “family office” is not an add-on. It’s who we are.

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