Mikel Uribarren Ortiz

Client Service

In 2012, I arrived in Alamosa, a town of 7,000 people, from Bilbao, Spain, which at the time had almost 1M people. Culture shock? Absolutely! How did I manage? In short, tenacity. I wanted to chart my own course.

I came because I wanted to stand out. I stayed because I wanted to face the challenges that I encountered. Here’s what you’ll quickly learn about me: I don’t give up. Ever.

As a double major in Finance and Risk Management and Insurance, I have a blend of experience in the sports and recreation industry that joins well with both finance and RMI. Specific skills in my repertoire include:
*Financial analysis
*Advanced Excel
*Data analysis

When I first arrived in the US, my English skills weren’t up to watching Netflix. I would watch Spanish videos on YouTube. Now, when I return to Spain, I watch TV in English. That’s the way I learn: quickly, efficiently, and with a clear goal and application. I joined IWP in 2022.